The antiquated language in this comment on Lk 6.25 by J. Trapp recommends itself, for some reason.

Ver. 25. Woe unto you that laugh now] Worldlings’ jollity is but as a book fairly bound, which, when it is opened, is full of nothing but tragedies.

John LeCarre To quote Charlemagne “To have another…

John LeCarre:

To quote Charlemagne: “To have another language is to possess a second soul.” He might have added that to teach another language is to implant a second soul.

Of course, the very business of reconciling these two souls at any serious level requires considerable mental agility. It compels us to be precise, to confront meaning, to think rationally and creatively and never to be satisfied until we’ve hit the equivalent word, or – which also happens – until we’ve recognised that there isn’t one, so hunt for a phrase or circumlocution that does the job.