This Globe of Water and Earth

This Globe of water and earth continues to turn,
While humans rush to fill their needs; they yearn
For more than what they own, than what they see.
They clamor for a King, whose kind decree
Will free them when he bids the planet burn,
To give them fruit from heaven’s living tree.
But oh! what weight! — His Name they’ve yet to learn.

Varying amounts of grace and peace?

D. Whitehead comments on 2 Pet 1.2:

It seems that the amount of grace and peace that floods our heart is directly related to the knowledge of God and specifically of Jesus Christ. Our minds don’t naturally gravitate toward grace and peace—we keep trying to prove ourselves, resulting in stress and condemnation. But the person who focuses on the Scripture everyday opens a portal of provision to their soul. The knowledge of God captures our wandering thoughts and the results are delightful.

At first thought, it seems strange to think of varying amounts of grace and peace in the heart. But if faith can grow, why not these? Their relation to the knowledge of God and of Christ is direct. So the first phrase is quite right.

Learn something new

Learn something new, O Soul. Never cease studying. Do not rely on yesterday’s knowledge, as solid as it may be. Ask new questions. Build on what you already know. Do not let entertainment sidetrack your mind. Grow in knowledge and wisdom. Advance in the grace of living. Learn better how to serve others and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Adapt to new situations and stages of life. Give up this quest only when you take your last breath.

You are powerful

“You are very powerful, provided you know how powerful you are.” —Yogi BhajanImage/photo

So true, especially in the spiritual sense, with the full powers of God at our disposal. Miracles were but a part of the power that God gave his people, and a small part at that. The power of prayer, to mention one aspect, puts the Lord’s full attention upon a matter. But Satan would have us forget.