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Using Eccl 8.15 as the surprising text on the subject, Ed M. writes today about the mysteries of life and deferred judgment.

Because of the inequities in life, men rush to conclusions that cannot be sustained. They deny divine providence. They suppose God is indifferent to moral distinctions. They decide that piety has no purpose. The presence of such perplexing phenomena is painful. No arguments can solve them. No exercise of faith can charm them away. Many desire to see and hear the deeper things of God but are denied such privileged information, Luke 10:24.

We need these reminders often, since the evil one would persuade us that God is not good.


This devotional by Don R. gave a cause for reflection: While we know the Final Judgment has yet to be, it is also true that judgment began during the ministry of Christ, “Now is the judgment of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out” (John 12.31). The ministry of Jesus, and the covenant He brought, finished up the revelation of God. The future Judgment will be based on the completed word of God. This also began the casting out of Satan, for the word of Christ binds the devil.