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Reasons for celebration

Whatever good system the founding fathers of America established is hardly, if at all, recognizable today. “Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are no longer American values, except for a twisted version of the last one. Today is not a day of celebration. It ought to be of mourning. Christians are thankful to have […]

📅 4 July, 2019 | Scritto da

Piety with no purpose?

Using Eccl 8.15 as the surprising text on the subject, Ed M. writes today about the mysteries of life and deferred judgment. Because of the inequities in life, men rush to conclusions that cannot be sustained. They deny divine providence. They suppose God is indifferent to moral distinctions. They decide that piety has no purpose. […]

📅 23 October, 2018 | Scritto da

Joy our defense

Because of travel, I’m late in Ed M.’s devotionals. I just read his entry on Neh 8.10. … we have good reason to be happy. For, at all times, a holy joy is a defense against evil, a strength in sorrow, a power to endure trying circumstances. Amen, amen! Focus question: How does sadness bring […]

📅 23 April, 2018 | Scritto da

Blessings in this life are good

O Soul, God’s blessings in this life are good and pleasant. He gives you enjoyment in so many ways. Yes, life is hard, and suffering at times seems to overwhelm. But most of life’s activities contain the potential for joy. So do not let troubles keep you from what is good. All must be done […]

📅 21 March, 2018 | Scritto da

How to enjoy today

Not infrequently A.B. Simpson’s denominational doctrines get in the way of appreciating his devotionals, but this one comes across well, on how to enjoy this day: 1. Be right with God, for gladness [is sown] for the upright in heart (Psalm 97:11). It is His joy that remains in us that makes our joy full. […]

📅 16 February, 2018 | Scritto da

Feelings not an accurate gauge of reality

Feelings of sadness will surprise you on occasion. Some event may trigger them, or not — they may appear, apparently, for no reason. Physical tiredness or a period of intense serving or giving to others may cause them. Rest, physical exercise, and healthy foods may help you recover, but, above all, realize that God’s intent […]

📅 2 February, 2018 | Scritto da

Divine omniscience

Many think of it in scary terms. God’s children rejoice in it, says Ed M. today in his devotional. We rejoice in the omniscience of God. We welcome Him into the sanctuary of our thoughts. He is our Friend. We are happy for Him to abide in us. We have nothing to hide. We can […]

📅 31 January, 2018 | Scritto da

Converts a ‘refreshing joy’

Today’s devotional comes from the heart of one who has God’s mission in the forefront. Here’s a small paragraph from the powerful page: Converts are a refreshing joy, III John 4. The unexpected should be expected in the Christian life. Sinners repent. The afflicted find peace. The cold embers of past faith are rekindled. Moments […]

📅 7 January, 2018 | Scritto da

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