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Have been using the browser more, especially on my own sites and other ones I know to be safe. Switching between it and , which has had some strange behavior lately. Vivaldi and can do the key searches from the URI bar. Brave still lacking some important functions like that and reader view, which is built in to Vivaldi.

A new piece of the puzzle about how Pedro found us surfaced last night. He did much searching online for a church. His first contact with our material was on a now inactive site that had a link to one of our present sites. He didn't recall where it was. I suspect it might have been cristaos.antville.org. Lesson: Even old efforts can still bear fruit.


Last night before leaving for Pedro and Karol's house, I received an email from a man in the city of Igaratá asking about the church. (The city is about 45 minutes from us.) He'd apparently found us on the internet, just as Pedro and Karol had. I read the email but didn't have time to reply right then. At Pedro's house he mentioned that he had talked that very day to a former coworker when he worked in Igaratá and recommended he look up our site. This coworker had helped Pedro rethink some religious questions. He didn't find a church he thought was biblical, so he started going to a denomination, but knew some things there were wrong. This was the same man who had sent me an email earlier in the day. So now Pedro was sharing with him the Lord's church that he had found. Pray that this man may find the truth and that the gospel may reach another city in our region of RMVale.



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