How precious is the Bible to you?

I’m not an evangelical, but this true story is touching, told by Chuck Swindoll: Back before the collapse of the atheistic Soviet Union, my friend John Van Diest represented the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association at the Moscow Book Fair. The authorities had granted them reluctant permission to hand out a limited number of Russian language … Read More

Can’t whip God

Good for a laugh, makes a point, even though from a denominational doctor. Several years ago, a drunk staggered into my office, leaned over my desk and said, ā€œIā€™m going to beat the @#%&@# out of you.ā€ My first reaction was to look him over and evaluate the situation. After doing so I reached the … Read More

Monty Python and prayer?

I don’t know anything about Monty Python (I know, my ignorance is showing), but this is a good illustration about how many approach God in prayer. It underlines the need to know from Scripture before we pray, and the priority of hearing God in Scripture before speaking to him in prayer.