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I turned off the Like button. If you like a post, please comment and leave some positive contribution to the discussion. Shouldn’t that be what the internet is for, anyway?

Time to tinker again with the randal.us microblog. I’ve activated the posting by email. So here goes an experiment. I’m an email guy. It goes way back. Shows my age, I know. New theme, too. Trying it, at least. So here goes.

Please disregard post. Testing plugin WP to GnuSocial.

Apparently, it’s only the P2 theme that turns the first words into the permalink. Here goes another try.

Having a hard time with permalinks. I thought I could make the title (as well as URI permalink) be taken from the first words of the text. Apparently not. So maybe WP isn’t the solution for a birdsite-like experience?

Having a bit of an issue with getting the post URIs settled. Numbers, names, words from first lines—does the theme affect this? Let’s see what this one does.

The site is now set up to accept the registration of friends, if anybody wants to try it out. Don't yet consider this the final word, but it seems to be stable.


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