‘At what plane are you going to live?’

As a teenager, Daniel Taylor asked a speaker at a Christian camp about a moral issue that was bothering him. Instead of pointing out what was right and wrong, the speaker said, “You need to decide at what plane you are going to live your life.” The words had a great impact on the teenager.

Now he asks himself and his children, “On what plane are you going to live your life?… Are you going to waver here, rationalize there, indulge yourself in this, temporarily suspend your convictions over that?”

Source: Gary Chapman devotional – Living Love Devotions and The Five Love Languages

Excellent question.

A need for words

There is a need for words, in prayer, in relationship, in mission. (Let no one tell you otherwise.) But in the space between the words, there is also revelation and communication. And there is concealment of some sort. (Jesus did not reveal himself completely to others.) Let the former be honest, and keep the latter from being malicious.

Let us seek to have “the good will of all the people” Acts 2.47, by being people of compassion and commitment. Above all, let us give heart, soul, and mind to the Lord. “O Lord, teach me how you want me to live! Then I will obey your commands. Make me wholeheartedly committed to you!” Psalm 86.11.