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“‘Silver and gold have I none’ has been the confession of some of the greatest benefactors of our race.” —F.B. Meyer

From Deborah’s song Ed M. takes today’s devotional, Judges 5.23.

It is sad when God is ignored, when people turn a deaf ear, Matthew 23:37. They put other things ahead of the Lord. With calloused disregard, they excuse themselves. “Am I my brother’s keeper?” they ask, Genesis 4:9. As a result, the minority carried the load.

Focus question: Am I part of the inactive majority? If a part of the load-carrying minority, do I perform my work with resentment or bad feelings?

“Now they found an Egyptian in the field and brought him to David, and gave him bread and he ate, and they provided him water to drink” I Samuel 30:11.

David was in deep trouble. His camp had been raided and all their families were kidnapped. He was chasing blindly, not knowing exactly where to go. Even in his troubles, he paused to help a man who had been left for dead. That man gave David the identity of those he was chasing and how to find them. In the end, all was recovered and returned home. You see, that man wasn’t really left for dead, he was left for David by God. In our rushing pursuits, let not forget to help others along the way. They may help us greatly in the long run.

David W. Grubb

Your idea of serving or helping may not actually help someone. Make sure, O Soul, that the object of your help feels that he is being helped. What is helpful to one may be an irritation or distraction to another. Sometimes you may have to ask or discover. Be a student of those around you, so that you may help in helpful ways.

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