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Wm. Barclay comments on 1 John 3.1-2:

“John, then, begins by reminding his people of the privileges of the Christian life. He goes on to set before them what is in many ways a still more tremendous truth, the great fact that this life is only a beginning. Here John observes the only true agnosticism. So great is the future and its glory that he will not even guess at it or try to put it into inevitably inadequate words. But there are certain things he does say about it.”

Some of Barclay’s following comments are quite deficient in truth, but the very challenge of understanding our future glory speaks volumes about its marvelous nature. So much better will it be!

Ultimately, heaven is God’s home, not ours. He is not obligated to invite anyone into His home. —Kathryn Haddad

Good thought here. His invitation is open to those who accept Christ by faith and obedience. Immediately, John 14.23 happens. Afterwards, eternal life in heaven.

Do not fear to speak truth to those outside of Christ, and to those who need encouragement and correction in the Body. O Soul, you need to hear words of comfort, love, and exhortation. Those around you need them, too. Let your love for souls be known. Make compassion the spring of your speech and actions. Keep saving grace your focus, and eternal salvation your goal, for you and for all. Want heaven for yourself and others. Speak of it at all times. Nothing else matters, really. If you lose this, all is lost. So many depend on you to hear the gospel as well. If you don’t speak, they will have no hope. Yes, the responsibility is great, and the rewards are even greater.

Have as your main goal getting to heaven, O Soul. Time is short. You will live for only a few years. The earth holds no permanent treasure. Here, there is much pain and suffering. You don’t want more of this in eternity, do you? Imagine a place where God and his blessing are completely absent. It can only offer extreme anguish. Heaven, on the other hand, contains no mixture of evil, injustice, pain, or anything disagreeable. Whatever you must surrender here and now is little price to pay. Don’t you think?

We'll say, to a man, in heaven, when we arrive:
“So this is what it means to be alive!
On earth little was truly what it seemed,
But here, like this—such bliss—I never dreamed!”


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