No Place as These

Is there an island in the midst of the ocean
Where all is peace and joy and love and health,
Where we can live our dreams, although a myth,
Where’s never an evil thought or bad emotion?

Is there a mountain peak upon the range,
Where air and man are pure, and souls are free
To give of self with generosity,
Where all is perfect order, without change.

No place as these exist upon the planet,
But if we live today for Jesus’ grace,
He’ll gladly welcome us to heaven’s place —
No pain or death or bitter tears are in it.

True agnosticism

Wm. Barclay comments on 1 John 3.1-2:

“John, then, begins by reminding his people of the privileges of the Christian life. He goes on to set before them what is in many ways a still more tremendous truth, the great fact that this life is only a beginning. Here John observes the only true agnosticism. So great is the future and its glory that he will not even guess at it or try to put it into inevitably inadequate words. But there are certain things he does say about it.”

Some of Barclay’s following comments are quite deficient in truth, but the very challenge of understanding our future glory speaks volumes about its marvelous nature. So much better will it be!