O Soul, plan for eventualities. In an instant, emergencies can happen. Be prepared for changes in your day and your life. Bring the grace and love of God to new circumstances. Accept what comes as a necessary step to using the moment for good. See where the flux of a situation can provide opportunity for service. Step forward in the breach of change. Show the way of faith to those who are caught in the doubt of tragedy. Assure yourself and others of God’s goodness, regardless of the suffering. Be the presence of God when others question it.

Many think of it in scary terms. God’s children rejoice in it, says Ed M. today in his devotional.

We rejoice in the omniscience of God. We welcome Him into the sanctuary of our thoughts. He is our Friend. We are happy for Him to abide in us. We have nothing to hide. We can hide nothing, Psalms 7:9; Jeremiah 20:12; Revelation 2:23.

Focus question: What can I do to welcome God more and more into my life? How does my consciousness of God’s omniscience enliven my soul and make it glad?

Someone has said that the devil can wall us in, but he cannot roof us over. We can always get out at the top. Our difficulties are but God’s challenges, and many times He makes them so hard that we must get above them or go under.

In the Providence of God, such an hour furnishes us with the highest possibilities for faith. We are pushed by the very emergency into God’s best.

Beloved, this is God’s hour.

—A.B. Simpson’s devo

Make God the center of all you are, O Soul. Let every thought, word, motive, action, and feeling revolve around him. The knowledge of him is sufficient. His strength powers every movement. His goodness draws the lines between right and wrong, good and evil. His love defines and transforms by the gift of grace. God is truly great and unifies your existence. He bridges this life and the next. Seek him and seize upon the eternal life that he is. No decision that brings you closer to him will bring regret.

Wait upon God and see his salvation, O Soul! Do not outrun God. Do not try to take up the slack you think you perceive in the divine action. The Lord does not sleep nor let your need escape his attention. He sees you. He is working on more planes and in more ways than you can imagine. He weaves an intricate pattern, which you see only a fraction of. The great Deliverer cares for you, and he cares for every person. He works for the good of all. Your moment will arrive. He is right now preparing great things for you. Be patient. Trust in God. Know that he will answer. Stand still and watch for the hand of God to move the world and lift up your face.

Taking John 4.6 as his cue, Ed M. today focuses on the renewal that God brings to the tired.

When circumstances drain our vitality, God steps in to renew our vigor. He steps in if we take a time out, if we stand still long enough to receive His empowering help. The key is in the waiting, Psalms 40:1. His strength comes at the right moment. When we cast our burdens on Him, He will carry them for us, I Peter 5:7.

Focus question: How does my haste frustrate God’s refreshment? What can I do to wait on him? In what ways can I slow down enough to permit God to help me?

What a relief to know that God rules over all! In his devotional, Ed M. reminds us today of that truth from Obadiah.

Despite the doom and gloom of Obadiah, his final words glow with hope—“the kingdom will be the Lord’s,” Obadiah 21. His purposes will be realized, His plan accomplished. In the end, there will be one King, one Lord over all, Zechariah 14:9. Daniel saw it coming, Daniel 2:44. We see it happening, Colossians 2:9,10.

The kingdom of God is a major theme of Scripture. Some say it is the main theme. God is sovereign and moves all of history and humanity toward his designed goal. Let us cooperate with his plan, rather than resist it.

Focus question: How can I submit more and more to the rule of God in my life?

The purpose of God, O Soul, goes forward in his time, among the peoples of the world. The Lord pursues his goal. His timing is not yours. Your impatience places God within your limits. He will see his will through to the end. He will accomplish his plan. Your present discomfort does not go unnoticed. It serves God’s purpose. Learn and grow. Serve and watch. Pray to him who hears, and love as he loves.