• To rest in God takes no small effort.

  • For you I pray. Please pray for me.

  • The faithful God will never disappoint.

  • Love covers a multitude of sins.

  • Come, O Spirit, order my life.

If I could give a person any gift, it would be a vision of God’s glory. A full and loving response would flow from that vision and sustain him at every turn.

Drudge tweet: “World’s top scientists baffled universe hasn’t destroyed self…”

Is it that hard? God sustains and upholds it until that day when he determines to destroy it.

Of the many beautiful and true ideas which the utterance ‘God is light’ suggests to us, three are specially prominent in this Epistle; intelligence, holiness, and communicativeness. The Christian, anointed with the Holy Spirit, and in communion with God in Christ, possesses [1] knowledge, [2] righteousness, and [3] necessarily communicates to others the truth which he knows and the righteousness which he practises.


There is not a moment when we are not in God’s thought. He has plans for each life, taking in its smallest events as well as its greatest. How secure it should make Christians feel at all times—to know that God is thinking of us, caring for us!

Daily Comfort : June 15

If God thinks of me so often, how often should I think of him?

When your car quits in front of the tow truck – Forthright Magazine http://forthright.net/2017/06/05/car-tow-truck “Last week our car took out in the street, overheated at a traffic stop. I quickly entered a one-way street (the wrong way), on a little plaza, and pulled over. Parked in front of me a few yards ahead was a tow truck from our auto insurance company. God is good.”