Can’t whip God

Good for a laugh, makes a point, even though from a denominational doctor.

Several years ago, a drunk staggered into my office, leaned over my desk and said, “I’m going to beat the @#%&@# out of you.” My first reaction was to look him over and evaluate the situation. After doing so I reached the conclusion that I could “take him.” It was then the Holy Spirit took over and seemingly from out of nowhere, the words came out of my mouth, “If you’re not careful I’ll pray God’s wrath down on you.” The drunk then fell back into a chair, looked at me, and said with a drunken slur, “Now, that ain’t fair! I can’t whip Him!” With that the drunk got up out of the chair and walked out of the office. I’ve never seen him since.

The information of my life

“If I could give you information of my life, it would be to show how a woman of very ordinary ability has been led by God in strange and unaccustomed paths to do His service what He has done in her. And if I could tell you all, you would see how God has done all, and I nothing. —Florence Nightingale

The end of the first sentence seems like something is missing, but the thought is there.

God is love

J.R Miller wrote this story in a devotional thought based upon Lk 2.12.

Yes! that is the meaning of it all. It tells of the good will of God toward all men. There is a strange medieval legend which illustrates this truth. An infidel knight, in the wildness of his mad, Heaven-defying infidelity, determined to test, by the method to which as a knight he was accustomed, the reality and power of the God whose existence he denied.

So, going out into the field, armed as if for combat, he cast his glove down upon the ground, after the manner of the ancient challengers, and cried out to the heavens: “God! if there be a God, I defy thee here and now to mortal combat! If thou indeed art, put forth thy might, of which thy pretended priests make such boasts.” As he spoke, his eye was caught by a piece of parchment fluttering in the air just above his head. It fell at his feet. He stooped and picked it up, and found inscribed upon it these words, “God is love!” Overcome by this unexpected response, he broke his sword in token of his surrender, and kneeling upon the fragments, consecrated his life henceforth to the service of that God whom he had just before defied.