The World Is Flat?

How can the world be flat,
when oceans plunge, and mountains rise?
But neither can it be round,
when horizontal to the eyes!

I know! The earth is like
a lumpy mattress, worn from sleep,
with old and wrinkled sheets
all gathered in a heap.

Unbridled, Labored

The noise of children’s play,
Unbridled laughter,
No thought of yesterday
They’re chasing after.

The elder’s labored breathing,
He nears the gate;
His heart is barely beating,
His works await.

Creation’s Crown

The blade of grass cares not one whit
for virus fears — among its brethren
from birth to death, no hell or heaven
disturbs its mind, no miss or hit.

The sparrow gives no worried thought
to roof or food or flowing raiment —
no rush to make tomorrow’s payment —
nothing makes the bird distraught.

But man — oh, man! — creation’s crown,
whom God had formed in his own image —
for whom his plan in Christ will finish —
with furrowed brow walks up and down

and back and forth, his heart confused —
his sight of Goodness faded, hampered,
though all his doubts are fully answered —
by bird and blade of grass he stands accused.

Pleasure to Buy

Read Proverbs 23.23

What pleasure we feel to buy
a Product — something new!
It’s luster catches the eye,
be it car or shoe.

The Truth is new each day,
it grows in power and light.
Refuse to throw it away,
but keep it in your sight.

One Leaf

O little leaf that no one sees,
That in the forest hides —
You flutter gently in the breeze;
One leaf no shade provides.

Together with your brother leaves,
You hold the sun at bay —
Relief the weary soul receives,
And finds a place to pray.

Little Things

In little things are barriers made and raised,
An extra click, a hard, laborious twist,
Not always raging fires have forests blazed,
But tiny vermin which men unwise dismissed.

Late or Early

Whether late or early your start,
Give it your best, with all your heart;
Look forward now, make gone the past,
To future good and plans hold fast.

Before Our Eyes

Based on Galatians 3

Before our eyes was Christ portrayed,
Our sins upon the Cross we saw;
We heard the Word, by faith obeyed,
Yet we returned to works of Law.

What strange desire to prove our worth —
To turn to flesh that cannot save;
Why now renounce our spiritual birth,
For mortal works that only enslave?

If Abram placed in God his faith,
When he was given the blessed News,
Shall we, his sons, not also choose
To walk in trust on Calvary’s path?

This precious promise apart from merit,
We cannot earn, but must receive,
When we decide to thus believe,
And be immersed, his life to inherit.