He still speaks

Friend Stan passed away this morning. This was his day to publish on FMag, and we had one article to go up of his. One more for next week also. Then his column goes quiet. Family note: DD and her fiancĂ© had started premarital counseling with Stan. They were going to ask him to perform … Read More


This entry is from the dictionary of the 1947 Dickson Bible, my grandmother’s copy, and it reminded me of a friend: Bee. Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey, would denote that bees were numerous (Ex. 3.8; Ezek. 27.7). They lived in rocks and woods (Ps. 81.16; 1 Sam. 24.25; Ezek. 27.17). Their activities … Read More

Need new friends?

Twitter’s list feature allows you to assign feeds to specific groups. I have a friends list. On Saturday afternoon and night, this list is almost exclusively about sports. Do I need new friends?

Come on in, the water’s blue and private and quiet

My friends need to get interested in Hubzilla. Yet another reason: I’m ramping up my use of it. Crazy levels of privacy, when needed. (I got posts you can’t see, only members of my private groups.) Nomadic identity, so that you never need lose your stuff. Distributed, so that you’re not captive to a walled-garden … Read More