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So what about Jesus’ family?

Here in the Urbanova congregation this is the month of the family, for our messages. Last Sunday, on that first couple to be created. Today, the roles of husband and wife. So that people don’t freak out, on the 23rd, we’ll talk about Jesus’ physical family. What should I say about them? Much font search […]

📅 9 December, 2018 | Scritto da


This entry is from the dictionary of the 1947 Dickson Bible, my grandmother’s copy, and it reminded me of a friend: Bee. Canaan, a land flowing with milk and honey, would denote that bees were numerous (Ex. 3.8; Ezek. 27.7). They lived in rocks and woods (Ps. 81.16; 1 Sam. 24.25; Ezek. 27.17). Their activities […]

📅 13 September, 2018 | Scritto da

Photo of dad and me 8 years ago

Doesn’t seem so long ago … This was in front of their house. Had quite the conversation about “chillin’” on a social media site with a friend or two.

📅 27 May, 2018 | Scritto da

Over the many Christmas seasons

Here’s the tag for Christmas on my blog. See what got wrote and pics posted over the past few years. Am I Scrooge or what? No Scrooge here — I like the tree and presents, The table of food, and family, the tender feeling, Reminders of divine and daily blessing, The words of friends, and […]

📅 25 December, 2017 | Scritto da

Out and about at night

After getting home from CrossFit, drinking my veggie protein shake, and taking a shower, I walked down to the swim school and watched the grandkids splash. Joel and I chatted. Afterwards, I walked them to their apartment building. Stopped on the way back at Dona Lina and bought some bread and sweets, then popped in […]

📅 5 December, 2017 | Scritto da

Wife knew man who shot and killed himself…

Wife knew man who shot and killed himself in Iuka MS hospital on Sat., where her mother was in the hospital at the time. He had worked with her mother when wife was young girl. (But there was no recent connection between them.) Wife was deeply saddened by the news.

📅 9 October, 2017 | Scritto da

Shooter in Iuka MS hospital killed self My…

Shooter in Iuka MS hospital killed self. My MIL is there. http://www.wtva.com/story/36545866/active-shooter-threat-at-iuka-hospital

📅 7 October, 2017 | Scritto da

Today for packing thinking ahead about the rest…

Today for packing, thinking ahead about the rest of the year, last hours to enjoy grandkids. Will be good to get home.

📅 4 October, 2017 | Scritto da

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