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Tomorrow is a city holiday, so it’s the beginning of a long weekend for many folks here. I’ve worked out at the gym three days this week, so I’ve gotten my minimal time in. Minimal by my mind’s measure. If all goes well tomorrow afternoon, I’ll have taught three Bible studies since Wednesday. Plus other stuff. The study tonight started at 10 pm, at the gym.

Study with Paulo this afternoon at 2. Check.

CrossFit at 5. Check.

Study with Pedro and Karol at 8. They’re coming here instead, since he’ll get off work late. Stay tuned.

Writing, in Portuguese and English, and other items done in between, including my FMag article for today.

Back to today, after some misses last week. For clean jerk, I think I did a PR (personal record) of 42 kg. Not so bad on the workout of the day either, managed 400 m run three times, besides 30 hang jerk (with only 30 kg) and 45 toe to bar. Warmup was also a bit challenging.

Arrived at CrossFit ready to go and stomach virus kept me from working out. I watched Vicki and the others and talked up the box to the girlfriend of one of the members.

First workout today since last Monday. Wednesday a stomach bug came to bother, and Friday we had the baptisms. It was a strong hour, I'm getting better at the handstands.


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