Expression of emotion

Getting a load off your chest, as some are wont to say, is no guarantee of feeling better afterwards. The expression of emotion might well increase what a person feels. Emotional outbursts can be addictive and lead to more. Not the action but the thought behind it determines its after-effect.

What self-control means

In his devotional today, Ed chose as his text 1 Pet 1.13. He focuses on self-control, hope, and holiness.

Exercise self-control. The word “self-control” can also mean “careful,” Luke 21:34, “alert,” I Thessalonians 5:6, or “clear minded,” I Peter 4:7. It refers to steady, sound judgment. A believer must not be carried away by appeals to emotion, infatuated by the latest religious fads. Saints must maintain a settled expression of their faith, II Thessalonians 2:1,2.

Self-control means mind over body, thought over emotion, spirit over flesh.

Focus question: What emotional appeals in religion or other areas most appeal to me? Why is that? How can I maintain a settled expression of my faith?