Not a time for slowing down

“I will praise thee more and more” (Psalms 71:14). What a marvelous answer is this to the inevitable encroachments upon life of age and infirmity. It is not a time for slowing down in the pursuit of holiness; it is not a time for leaving everything to the next generation; it is not a time for slackening zeal in our faithfulness to Christ and his Church. Indeed no! It is time for trusting God, “more and more.” It is time for greater fidelity, more loving devotion, and “more and more” constancy in our adherence to the “Faith once for all delivered to the saints.” —Burton Coffman

The psalm was written by a man in the time of old age.

The World Has Little Use

The world has little use for the old and infirm:
“What can the powerless do for me?” they ask.
To them the low and helpless hold little charm,
But God — to welcome them is his loving task.