Responsibilities of guides

Spiritual guides have a few but essential responsibilities:

  1. Preserve sound doctrine,
  2. Equip the saints for service,
  3. Mobilize God’s church to fulfill its mission.

In this way God will be glorified.

Someone said their job was to mature the members. This falls far short of the goal. Maturation means looking outside of self. Maturity means doing God’s will as far as others are concerned and to do what God desires: the salvation of all people.

Institutions love other institutions

Religious institutions, such as para-church ministries and universities, love other institutions, and that is probably why they are loathe to criticize them or separate themselves from them when others abandon their principles and founding mission. So it is that heresies and doctrinal departures leapfrog from one to another and serve as infection points for the Lord’s church.