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Do not believe that your life is in the hands of men. It may seem like our well-being depends upon governments and businesses. You might feel helpless before the forces at work in the world. There seem to be plenty of people working against the gospel and the truth, without inventing wild conspiracies. Do not despair! If you follow Christ, O Soul, your life is in God’s hands. He is sovereign. He has control over every government and every power. Nothing can withstand his will. He moves forward with his plan, and no one can stop him. Rest in his omnipotence. Find peace in his governance. Your hope is in his word of might.


In today's devotional, Ed M. cites Esther 4.14 and ponders human action under divine sovereignty. His prayer caps off the devotional so well.

Almighty God, what I do matters. And what I do not do matters, too. I need to know which is appropriate under what circumstances. Please give me insight to know when and how to do Your will. Through Him, who knows, Amen.

Focus question: Do I find myself thinking that someone else will act if I don't, or that God will provide in spite of my inaction, and thus excuse myself?


What a relief to know that God rules over all! In his devotional, Ed M. reminds us today of that truth from Obadiah.

Despite the doom and gloom of Obadiah, his final words glow with hope—“the kingdom will be the Lord’s,” Obadiah 21. His purposes will be realized, His plan accomplished. In the end, there will be one King, one Lord over all, Zechariah 14:9. Daniel saw it coming, Daniel 2:44. We see it happening, Colossians 2:9,10.

The kingdom of God is a major theme of Scripture. Some say it is the main theme. God is sovereign and moves all of history and humanity toward his designed goal. Let us cooperate with his plan, rather than resist it.

Focus question: How can I submit more and more to the rule of God in my life?