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Ed talks about being double-minded in today's devotional, based on 1 Kgs 18.21. Here's a snippet from it:

The danger of indecision. Religious vacillation is a human tendency, Acts 24:25; 26:28. Many people are “closet” believers. They are full of deferred decisions stored away until valueless. In order to make room for more procrastination, postponed verdicts are placed in the “garage sale” of religious intentions. They are treated as cheap merchandize, as useless clutter to give away.

I know people in this situation. I in the past have been one. Spiritually, this is rebellion and rejection of God's sovereignty.

Focus question: Is there some area where I vacillate? What deferred decision should be made today?


Some decisions made so far this year:

  • Use a real Bullet Journal. Last year, for lack of option, I used a regular agenda and tried to make it into a BuJo. It worked fair to middling.
  • Read Ed Mathews "Plow New Ground" for my daily devotionals.
  • Keep using my old TiddlyWiki for digital notes, prayers, ideas, and articles, rather than starting with a new one.
  • Started a list of books to read. Am reading the first on the list.
  • Preach a series on "What We Know" to start out the year.
  • Make 2018 the year of the Holy Spirit.

There'll be more decisions to come soon.


"I realized that I was making the same poor decisions over and over again from a place within me where I was hurt. I had to go to God for my healing. Finally, I realized my worth, which empowers me to make better decisions."

Wise statement by a young woman.

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