Nothing to offer

A member of an alternative social network wrote today: “I have nothing to offer the world. The sooner I admit that, the better.” I don’t know what prompted his post, if he felt that his contributions paled compared to others. But I take his words for my own. Of myself, I have nothing to offer the world. None of us does. Can we confess this? Only when Christ is ours, when he is Lord and Savior of our lives, do we have a word, a purpose, and a future to offer the world.

Corporate confession

Seems like it would be appropriate at times for a congregation to hold a service of corporate confession. Are there not moments when a whole congregation is guilty, of failure to evangelize, of failure to remove sin from its midst, of squandering its resources on self, of going beyond what is written? This might be good after the supervisors have shown through teaching and admonition the error that has been committed. We see Israel doing it at times. Is not this expression of repentance what the Lord required of a whole congregation in Revelation?

When you look into your heart, this is what you’ll find

People think they’ll find truth and good things by looking within themselves. Jesus said otherwise. This is what you’ll find.

One writer said one step to happiness is to label our negative feelings. Let’s go one further: one step to the joy of being forgiven is to recognize and confess the evil in our hearts and the sinful practices of the flesh.

Focus question: What things lurk in my life that defile me and prevent me from fellowship with God?