What Contrast Ours!

A hymn to God and to my Jesus praise,
Imperfect words and music out of tune —
What contrast ours! For righteous are his ways,
But at his table he bids us to commune.

Awake, o Soul

Awake, O Soul, on this Lord’s day. Be mindful that Christ died in your place. Be thankful for God’s grace. Be aware of the power available to you by the Holy Spirit. God’s family is your safe space. Increase in love for your brothers and sisters in the Lord. Meet with them frequently. Serve them with zeal. Give them priority above physical family and worldly friends. Our purification was to put us in communion with God and his children. We have fellowship with him and with one another. The first day of the week is for the Lord and his people. Let us eat the bread of peace and drink the cup of sacrifice.