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“Contrary to what a lot of people believe (or hope), comfort doesn’t take the pain away. Comfort slides in beside the pain, pulling up a chair so that we have something more than sorrow in our hearts. Comfort gently expands our spirits so that we can breathe again. Comfort opens our eyes so that we can see possibility again. And on those days, whether it is the next day or five years removed, on that day when grief rears its dark head again, comfort helps us remember that pain is not all there is.” —Peggy Haymes

Ed Mathews wrote on 2 Cor 1.4 today:

There are, then, sufferings caused by walking in darkness. And there are sufferings caused by walking in the light. The latter is the subject of this text. God “comforts us in all our troubles” that originate from following Him. What does this mean? How does His grace give us “encouragement” and “hope” in our trials? II Thessalonians 2:16,17.

God is comfort and joy and peace.

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