Chiasmus in 1 Peter 3.8

So it would appear there’s a chiasmus in 1 Pet 3.8, with similar ideas mirrored in the five elements:

Finally, all of you, have
A. unity of mind,
B. sympathy,
X. brotherly love,
B’. a tender heart, and
A’. a humble mind.

The ESV quote above appears to reflect in the translation of the terms in A/A’ the –phron ending of the Greek words.

Chiastic structure of Ecclesiates

Ecclesiastes, from this source:

Title: author mentioned in third person 1:1

A. the brevity and insignificance of life 1:2-2:26

B. wisdom’s failure to discover life’s meaning 1:12-2:26

C. regarding time 3:1-15

D. fear God 3:16-6:12

C’. time revisited 7:1-14

B’. wisdom’s failure revisited 7:15-10:19

A’. life’s brevity revisited 10:20-12:8

Conclusion: author mentioned in third person 12:9-14