On Proverbs 11.30

From Peter Pett’s commentary on Prov 11.30: ‘The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, And he who is wise captures hearts (nephesh -the breath, the inner man).’ The crowning blessing of the righteous is that they become a blessing to others. Their fruit is a tree of life, a lifegiving tree. By … Read More

Not reality at all

Great point by Ron T. in the last line: Elisabeth, an older woman who looked on her life as one not blessed by God because she had no child (or no children) to raise and nurture. She may not have considered her and her husband (Zacharias) as cursed, but it is more than likely she … Read More

Over the many Christmas seasons

Here’s the tag for Christmas on my blog. See what got wrote and pics posted over the past few years. Am I Scrooge or what? No Scrooge here — I like the tree and presents, The table of food, and family, the tender feeling, Reminders of divine and daily blessing, The words of friends, and … Read More