Just the Word, sir

This is about as good as a site can get to offer just the Bible.

Literal Word exists to promote the Word of God and not much else. No ads. No frames. No logging in. No distractions. Simply the Word. We believe that the Bible contains the most important information that anyone could ever come across and that accessing it should be as easy as possible. This belief has driven every decision we’ve made designing Literal Word. World class literal translations (NASB and ESV) were selected for their faithfulness to the original languages. Each page of Scripture is clean, customizable, and shareable with a single click, allowing the reader to focus exclusively on the God-breathed content. Searches are simple but powerful, utilizing a unique visual interface for organizing results with surgical precision. It all comes down to the idea that a minimalist approach to an online Bible maximizes attention to the Word of God.

I’d love to see the NET Bible added here. I suggested it to them, but never heard back. But the format they offer is about perfect.

Check it out here.

Whining about exceptional blessings

For sheer number of Bible versions, in both English and Portuguese, Bible Gateway wins hands down. Except it’s gotten too, well, commercial. So I’ve been using the Blue Letter Bible some for the English. It has some advantages. I tried bible.com (youversion) in desktop mode, and it’s just weird, not intuitive at all. StudyLight.com isn’t bad.

So here we are, whining about our exceptional blessings.

I’m not into Logos and other proprietary plans that you pay to access content. If I pay, it has to become mine, for all time. So please don’t suggest them as options.

Another book delivered to printer

Just finished delivering the back cover of Jon Gary Williams’s book, on how to study the Bible, in Portuguese to the printer. That’s done. This run will be relatively small, for the seminar on how to study and apply the Bible, for Saturday of next week. It still needs some revision, but I wanted to have this to put in people’s hands at the event, since it’s what I’ll be using for part of the day. So we’ll do a second edition down the road a bit.