Leading men

David Pharr quotes this piece from an old book by William Butler:

At the Brents-Ditzler debate, at Murray, Ky., Jacob Ditzler said to me: “Brother Butler, I am satisfied that the leading men among your people are going to depart from the doctrine of baptism for the remission of sins.” I replied: “Certainly they are. There is nothing in the kingdom that can stand before leading men; but I want you to remember that I am not a leading man. I am a following man; and as long as I follow Christ and his apostles, there is no danger of my departing from the doctrine.”


Vincent on one baptism

Vincent’s Word Studies has this on the “one baptism” of Ephesians 4.5, and why baptism but not the Lord’s supper is mentioned:

The external sign of faith, but of no significance without the Lord and the faith. Baptism is emphasized instead of the Eucharist, because the latter assumes and recognizes unity as an established fact; while faith and baptism precede that fact, and are essential to it. Baptism, moreover, is not administered to the Church as a body, but to individuals, and therefore emphasizes the exhortation to each member to be in vital union with the whole body.

Time to find some energy to receive people coming for Pedro and Karol’s baptisms. Have been sickly for three days. We’ll get through it, with God’s help. So glad they’ve made this decision.