1. Helped DD assemble a smallish dining room table and chairs. Now I remember why I never bought toys with the label, “Some assembly required.”

  2. Out of my house for a week and a half. Ready to be home in a few days, but glad to have been with family.

  3. Will probably not finish reading 12 Week Year before time to fly home. Should I buy my own copy?

  4. Have contributed to other ministries with time and energies to the sacrifice, at times, of my own. God sees.

  5. A day behind on the Romans readings and posts, in Portuguese. Can I catch up, and get ahead, tomorrow?

  6. An original verse of mine: Basic nuts and bolts can be complex, / When either comes with manmade plans or defects.

  7. A Bible verse, from 1 Corinthians 4.16: “I encourage you, then, be imitators of me.”

  1. Wrote a letter in my own hand today for the first time in years. It hurt my fingers, this lefty with his digits wrapped around the slender fountain pen.

  2. Seek the face of the Lord. There is little else worth doing.

  3. A kind word takes little time, but can last for years.

  4. BBC says mindfulness may be overhyped. Y.T. says thoughtfulness has been underreported.

  5. In regions of yesteryear, where cemeteries are full of relatives and friends.

  6. A verse of mine: To each his own, to another is kindly gift / That both the giver and blessed receiver can lift.

  7. A Bible verse: “I praise you constantly and speak of your splendor all day long” Psalm 71.8 NET.

#1. I’ve taught the Bible at some different venues before, but tomorrow night will be my first to speak at an exercise gym. Pray I do well.

#2. Sow the seed and let God produce the harvest. Jesus’ parable of the sower shows that we’ve no idea who will be good soil. Our guesses often err badly.

#3. People seem to be providing all sorts of motivations for me to leave The Snuggery (my office), where I’ve been for 16 years. Where to go?

#4. Lately, I’m preferring dark themes for my email account, social media sites, and other digital spots. It’s easier on the eyes, right?

#5. Our afternoons of late have been high heat and then strong rains.

#6. An original verse:

The devil makes himself an angel of light;
But outward beauty doesn’t make it right.

#7. A Bible verse: “For I am jealous for you with godly jealousy, because I promised you in marriage to one husband, to present you as a pure virgin to Christ” 2 Cor 11.2.

#1. Last magazine of the year picked up from the printer today. First one for next year is well along the way.

#2. Rained a good part of the afternoon, but it slacked up enough to let me walk to the gym for one of the most rigorous workouts ever.

#3. Good news a few days ago: Somers reinstating support level from 2016. Will be a blessed relief.

#4. Would be hasty step, but one is tempted to jump to using the Versão fácil de ler. Have been reading the OT portion, recently released.

#5. I usually take weeks to adjust to writing the new year properly. Today I put the date down as 2018. Getting ahead of myself.

#6. An original verse: He ate our food and felt our pains and aches; / With us in our hard war he still partakes.

#7. A Bible verse: “So do not throw away your confidence, because it has great reward” Heb 10.35.

#1. Demanding workout in CrossFit today, but I survived. Just feel those bulging muscles.

#2. Sat. class for young people in São Paulo is arriving fast, did more on my notes today. Topic: How to live wisely.

#3. DD arrives Sat. morning to spend holidays with us. Looking forward to her coming. She says she’s going with us to youth class. We’ll see.

#4. Experimented with a new devotional/meditation format using TiddlyWiki. If I can get the technical part down …

#5. Sunday comes holiday cookout with Urbanova folk. Not at our place. Relief!

#6. Original verse:

The burger place’s name contains profanity,
A joint for beer, disdain for good society.

#7. A Bible verse: “Faithfulness grows from the ground, and deliverance looks down from the sky” Psa 85.11.

1. Some days are more productive than others. Takeaway lesson: You never know what day will turn out to be productive. Slog through and discover.

2. Some people linger for months or years before death. Still, God’s saints who value life care for them with love. We’re seeing it happen now, again.

3. Finished writing today the “52 Actions of the Disciple of Christ.” Good feeling. Now for a revision, and it’s ready for the printer. Psalm 119 book is also done; I’ve asked a professional brother in Christ for an estimate on a revision.

4. Pope decided the Lord’s prayer needs to be better translated. He doesn’t like: “Lead us not into temptation.” This is once he might be right. Brazilian versions give us, “Do not let us fall into temptation.” What do you think about the English translations?

5. Did I mention that next to me opened up a beer and burger joint, with a name that includes the F-word? It’s pasted all over the front and side, and you can’t miss it. Time to move.

6. An original item:

Itself the murky mind can barely see,
For all the layers of deep dishonesty.

7. A Bible verse, from the NLT, from—why not?— Matthew 6.13:

“And don’t let us yield to temptation, but rescue us from the evil one.”

1. It’s just not complicated. Not like we can’t understand it. More like we don’t want it God’s way.

2. Some people need a spiritual Heimlich Maneuver.

3. Water is a blessed thing, until there’s too much of it.

4. Another support loss coming up in 2018. (An individual will no longer be able to help.) Will it be the first of several?

5. It may be a cliché, but the request to “guide, guard, and direct” is not a bad one at all.

6. A quatrain:

On God we wait and fully rely,
Our sufferings give us sharpest pain,
To him we raise our voice and cry,
We seek his will to make it plain.

7. A verse: “The godly face many dangers, but the Lord saves them from each one of them” Psalm 34.19.

1. Have looked a couple of times along streets between home and the office for possible rental options. It won’t be an easy move from the office.

2. A number of people liked my Practicing Proverbs post for chapter 2. Someday I’ll complete the whole 31 chapters, maybe.

3. Weight has inched up a bit in the last few days. Not a happy eater.

4. Had to go downtown this morning for a chore. Takes a while to get even a few blocks. Lights, traffic, pedestrians. Now I remember why I avoid going there.

5. Does anybody else out there ever eat a breakfast-type meal at night? It’s eggs and bacon time for us this evening. And The Missus’s zucchini and cinnamon bread. See Item 3 above.

6. An original item:

The rocks rose like warriors’ spears,
Tree limbs snaked downward to heighten their fears,
Darkness dogged their faltering backs,
The jungle swallowed their souls and tracks.

7. A Bible verse:

Deceit is in the heart of those who plot evil, but those who promote peace have joy.
Proverbs 12.20

7P: Until

  • The Known software is still working after getting through the night. Maybe I did get it installed properly.
  • Was a busy weekend and first day, even with the Missus traveling. Or maybe because of her traveling.
  • Item one was a meet about the magazine, Sat. afternoon. Good one.
  • Item two was a special fish dinner at Douglas and Ludmila's Sat. night, with Jonathan and Suellen present. Also very good.
  • Item three was meeting Pedro at the Esplanada congregation Sun. morning, because some schedule issues would keep them from coming to Urbanova at night. Always good to be with brethren.
  • Item four was our weekly meeting Sun. night at Urbanova. I was pleased with my message, “Christ Offers You Power,” based on 2 Pet 1.1-11.
  • Seventh: Man counts the days since, saints count the days until.