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Study with new couple

Vicki and I sat down with the parents of our neighbor Paulo this afternoon, and with a family friend who was staying with them while recuperating from pneumonia. Paulo was also present. I presented a lesson about Jesus from John 1.1-18, with a two-page outline. Sr. Vicente and D. Georgina are very religious and committed to their tradition, so it will be a challenge as we present the gospel to them. D. Georgina prepared coffee and cake for us after the study. Paulo took the photo. They live on the east side of the city. We’ve had a good bit of contact with them through Paulo, as we’ve joined them in cookouts, watching the World Cup, and other get-togethers at his house.

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  1. Que noticia boa ! Vou orar por eles.

  2. Hope you, Vicki and Paulo get a good dose of joy from your work.

    • Thanks, Eugene, it was a joy to study with them. Paulo was especially glad. This is something he’s dreamed and talked about for a long time.

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