Casting about for something to eat

  1. Missus arrived safely in the US, I’m casting about for something to eat. Tried a new place tonight, bagel with chicken and cream cheese. Quite good.

  2. Around here, businesses and restaurants open and close frequently. Some good, some not so much. Is marketing the soul of the business, as Brazilians say?

  3. Government red tape and high taxes kill many initiatives. Why simplify when you can complicate? In that mix corruption grows.

  4. Finished a study with a young man about the purpose, power, and authority of Scripture. He accepted for himself the truth of the Bible being our only authority for spiritual things.

  5. Doubling up pages to finish my by month’s end. New one is open and ready to go.

  6. An original verse: “How good to hear from friends who live afar, / Their news attests to love and says they care.

  7. A Bible verse: “He followed in his father Asa’s footsteps and was careful to do what the Lord approved” 2Chr 20.32.


    What say you?