1. Why do our people not offer more prayers online? One possibility: It risks exposing our vulnerability. Maybe?

  2. Got several options for work seating: office desk, library couch, lounge chair in office, living-room sofa, bench under pergola. Some more comfortable than others.

  3. Other day a big box (from old office) got emptied. Am ready for the next one.

  4. Some weeks back, I sounded out a college library about preserving a key brother’s papers and library. No interest. Back to my hole.

  5. Awoke from a vivid dream: teaching in a denominational group, for them to see the simplicity of God’s plan of salvation.

  6. An original verse: God hears the righteous prayer and soon replies, / And on the faithful looks with loving eyes.

  7. A Bible verse: “All the kings of the earth wanted to visit Solomon to see him display his God-given wisdom” 2 Chronicles 9.23.


    What say you?