Purpose once again

Can you find yourself somewhere in the quote below? Probably, we all can. The experiences of life can often be crushing. But God can make us stand. He can make us whole. He gives us purpose, joy, and life.

There are a lot of things in life that rob us of joy and purpose. Sin weighs us down. Failure overwhelms us. Mistreatment robs us of value. Disappointment visits too often. Loss and grief become an unwelcome intruder that refuse to leave. Sometimes we are swamped by the cares of life, and we struggle for air. At times we want to give up. But we don’t, because we have one overriding hope that infuses us with joy and purpose once again: resurrection.

1 Cor. 15 affirms the foundation of our faith. But, it does more. It gives us the hope and strength to get up and start all over again tomorrow. Thank God for the resurrection.

These words from an old acquaintance spoke to me this morning.

Every fact of the Good News is precious, because each one speaks of God’s intricate and beautiful plan. I want to be a part. Come be a part yourself. And share with others that God invites all of us to be a part.

What fact of the Good News is especially precious to you?


    What say you?