Psalms begins with intense conflict

  1. It’s no coincidence that the beautiful book of Psalms begins with intense conflict. See especially Psalms 2-6. But the faithful still sleeps in peace, Psalm 4.8.

  2. The human mind greatly overestimates man’s ability to deal with temptation and sin. We think we can handle it. Hrmph.

  3. Passivity is the quality of the era, in spite of (or, as evidenced by) marches, burnings, violence, protests in the streets.

  4. Repentance is our making the way straight for the Lord’s coming, Matthew 3.3. God also makes our way straight, Psalm 4.8; Proverbs 3.6. Two-way street.

  5. Almost a roomful of furniture was bought earlier this week. Asking the Lord for an early delivery.

  6. An original verse: Love, holiness, joy, and peace, to start, / Show we are God’s, a people of the heart.

  7. A Bible verse: “Like a bad tooth or a foot out of joint, so is confidence in an unfaithful person at the time of trouble.” Proverbs 25.19 NET.


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