Profession and practice hand in hand

I read the devotional yesterday, even though I didn’t get anything posted. And today’s.

In the cause of Christ, profession and practice must go hand in hand. If the mind is twisted and the conscience numbed, nothing worthwhile can be accomplished. The world turns away from the Good News when a believer is no better than an unbeliever.

Ed’s emphasis today is on practicing what we profess to believe, using Tt 1.16 as the leading verse.

A good reminder on my spiritual birthday.

Focus question: Where is the fine line between accepting ourselves with our foibles and weakness and justifying sin in our lives?

  • Counterfeiters do not usually work with dollar bills. There’s no value in it. No, they like $100 or $20 bills. They take their phony bills into a popular store, wait in a long line to buy $10 worth of merchandise and pocket $90.

    Satan loves to counterfeit God’s children. Why? Because they are worth ten times what it takes to make them. Turn one of God’s children to evil and you’ve got the picture of a Christian with Satan living inside. The effect is devastating. Now, the person looks like a real Christian, but there’s something rotten there.
    Sometimes, though, people don’t understand they are a part of Satan’s counterfeiting scheme. They don’t realize they have been won over to the enemy because they have deceived themselves.

    There lies the real danger.

What say you?