Print not cursive

  1. Forgot to tell people, when writing down their email addresses for me, that they should print. Needed: a secret decoder ring for cursive handwriting.

  2. Some people’s printing or block letters can also be a challenge. Mine has never been great. Now it’s even worse, out of practice as I am.

  3. Of course, left-handers have a ready excuse, living in a right-handed world. Except in Israel, with Hebrew going from right to left. Was I born in the wrong language?

  4. A US magazine with a date of January arrived in the mail today. Not called snail mail for nothing.

  5. Had books and boxes in the containers in the carport sprayed for bugs again, before I begin the real work of moving them into the office. Time to ramp it up.

  6. An original verse: A look aside to sweep the truth away / Will never keep its consequences at bay.

  7. A Bible verse: “The Israelites again did evil in the Lord’s sight, so the Lord handed them over to the Philistines for forty years” Judges 13.1.


    What say you?