Powerful faith in action

Today, Ed’s devotional is based in Philemon.

Faith in action is powerful. It reveals the riches of living in Jesus. It leads others to see the beauty of Christianity. It draws people to the Lord. The most convincing faith is a demonstrated faith, II Thessalonians 1:11,12. Actions are more persuasive than words.

Focus question: How does your faith show itself at home, at school, in the workplace, in the congregation?

  • Two words that Bro. Ed used in today’s devotional are some of the most challenging words for those who profess faith in Christ. “Forgive Onesimus,” is a clarion call. Onesimus had been Philemon’s possession. Now, Paul says, “he is much more than that to you: he is your beloved brother!” Perhaps Philemon would have forgiven Onesimus even without Paul’s letter, but with the letter Philemon is being reminded of something all those in Christ must remember: Christ forgave us when we were slaves to sin. If we were to learn anything it is others need forgiveness just as we did. If I can’t forgive a brother who turns from sin to serve God, how can I claim to be Christlike?

What say you?