New Portuguese Bible study group in USA?

  1. Firstborn maybe starting Portuguese Bible study group for Brazilian community in his area. Excited to hear that.

  2. WHO says don’t do lockdown. Pope says LGBT is OK. Topsy-turvy world.

  3. Light meal tonight of fruit and nuts. Keep me away from the brownies.

  4. During our renovation, found my initial ring in a closet. Parents gave it to me for my 13th birthday, I think. A bit tight, but I can still wear it.

  5. Initial rings were a thing back in the day. I was proud to get it. Maybe I even asked for one, can’t remember. Too many years ago.

  6. An original verse: Anyone who hears the Word can choose / To welcome and obey the Lord’s good news.

  7. A Bible verse: “The Lord revealed himself; he accomplished justice. The wicked were ensnared by their own actions.” Psalm 9.16 NET.


    What say you?