People aren’t reading more

  1. One would think that with the lockdown, people would read more. Isn’t happening, here at least. A publisher sent out email today on five reasons you ought to read.

  2. After a pause of a couple weeks, finished reading The Amateur Tramp, about the man who walked around Australia 1921-24. It’s free.

  3. Loss of privacy is terrible. There are other modern crimes as well. Such as wasting time. And thinking posts about politics will solve something.

  4. Besides the five steps to salvation, other things are necessary, such as humility. Bible says so. Psalm 18.27; James 1.21.

  5. Go see a random view of a place in the world. South Africa, maybe? I like random things. My old personal blog used to be called Random Variables.

  6. An original verse: If the world does not make sense or matter, / Why should verses rhyme or practice meter?

  7. A Bible verse: “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, because he has come to help and has redeemed his people.” Luke 1.68 NET.


    What say you?