Pedro O. baptized

  1. Pedro Otavio was baptized Oct. 8, after weeks of studying together. That makes five for this year so far. Will the Lord give us another? More soon at

  2. The water was cold. A cold front came through, and it was raining a bit earlier. Then, after the baptism, the rain started again. The Lord answers prayer.

  3. Oct. 9: 13th anniversary with WordPress. Not sure that’s reason for celebration or not.

  4. Fewer numbers for second class on OT Stories course. Did I scare people away with strong applications?

  5. We think we’re the exception to the rule, when actually we are the very reason the rule was made.

  6. An original verse: Who counts himself exception to the rule, / Will find, before it’s done, he’s played the fool.

  7. A Bible verse: “Whenever the Israelites marched out, the Lord’s power worked against them, just as the Lord had warned them. And they were very distressed” Judges 2.14 CEB.

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One of God's little ones living in Brazil since 1984. Main blog is a must-visit.

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