Peace Around Us

Peace around us, that none can touch,
Isn’t this what we’re after?
To eat and sleep and party much,
A life of easy laughter —

A perfect peace where all is calm,
Where never a storm appears;
In the heart, always a song,
And far from all our fears.

On earth, no such peace is ours,
Both swords and words collide;
But none diminish the Sovereign’s powers,
Who gives us peace inside.

The place where peace is undisturbed
Is Heaven, and Heaven alone;
At God’s own side is peace preserved,
All quiet before his throne.

  • Oh how we need His perfect peace amid those collisions all around us! Thankful that He gives is readily and generously. I love how you brought these images and feelings all together then left the reader with a definite sense of the peace we’ll experience when we go home.

What say you?