The winning ballot

Many will not, but some will vote — Hearts despairing or full of hope — To keep the nation well afloat And save it from the slippery slope. The winning ballot already God wrote. US election day. A reminder that God rules and hope is all things heavenly. Painting happening today in bedroom. We have … Read More

Category humanity

How things change and at the same time remain the same! Or maybe worsen. You know what category humanity belongs in. Peace, perfect peace, profound peace, undisturbed peace, radiating peace. This is what we have. Why have I been thinking a tad lately about being on the beach? I don’t even like sand. Tuesday, they … Read More

Stage of fellowship

To paraphrase the Lord, the earth was made for man, not man for the earth. It is the stage of fellowship and reconciliation. Rush over to and sign up to the new email list. (The invitation will pop up.) Son2 will have an exclusive article as we kick it off. Last class tonight on … Read More

Things on earth

On earth things break down, tear up, wear out, cave in, rust, corrode, get eaten by bugs, or stolen. Hold things lightly. Hold on to eternal hope tightly. Sometimes a paraphrase captures the idea better than a literal translation. J.B. Phillips translation into Portuguese, of Ephesians 5.19, is very fine. Tell me again that all … Read More

New Portuguese Bible study group in USA?

Firstborn maybe starting Portuguese Bible study group for Brazilian community in his area. Excited to hear that. WHO says don’t do lockdown. Pope says LGBT is OK. Topsy-turvy world. Light meal tonight of fruit and nuts. Keep me away from the brownies. During our renovation, found my initial ring in a closet. Parents gave it … Read More

God guides

Sometimes I stay busy with good things, if not with those listed in my journal. But God guides. God provides. The synagogue provided quite the model for the church, so that it did not start from nothing. So much to learn and study, and so little time to do it in. Will there be a … Read More