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If impact can become a verb (which I still dislike), I can turn fine-tooth comb into one as well. If not, why not?

Will it be as useful?

People enjoyed the online class on 1 Peter. So I’m taking notes and putting them in a book. Will it be as useful?

Remote spots in the world

I think I found one of the most remote spots in the world to retire to. About 50 people live there. Shall we?


In 2012, according to the record, I started a file called “autobiography.” Maybe by 2112 it’ll be finished. I added to it yesterday. (Yeah!) Without knowing about this file, a few weeks or months ago, a kind brother said reading an autobiography of mine would be interesting. I’m having my doubts. We’re getting our Sunday … Read More

Thank God for tractors

Some things machines can do better. We thank God for tractors. But a machine cannot show love or relate or listen or speak what I need to hear. For that, I need God himself and the creatures he made in his image. Laziness. My only explanation for not throwing away most of the papers that … Read More

Indecisive soul

The indecisive soul spends much energy and wastes much time making up its mind.