Emotionally down

Some have said that workers in the Word are often emotionally down on Sunday nights. Makes sense. The gospel is simple, but not superficial. Anybody can understand it, but no one can fully plumb its depths. Drama, drama. Everybody’s a drama queen. The 21st Century will be known as the Era of Emotion. Some people … Read More

From notes to book

This past week was the book of Hebrews. Notes from an old class turned into a small book.

Wild and unruly

The internet was always wild and unruly. Now it is the playground of the powerful. Play by their rules and bow to their views, or begone with you. Two more Twitter accounts were deleted yesterday. I had an account for each Portuguese and English site. A few more to go still. No water supply, again … Read More

Deleted Twitter accounts

Man without a country? Try man without a social medium. Talking about Y.T. Listening to audio of my sermon on the God who controls history, so I can reproduce it tomorrow in Guarulhos. By request. Hate my voice. In a few days have put together, between my material, by others I’ve harvested on our sites, … Read More

On the order of worship

I like to vary the order of worship now and again. Keeps us on our toes. Helps us feel the interconnectedness of all we do. Ran across a copy of a magazine index I did in 1994. That together with five or so volumes of a country-wide bibliography way back when remind me that I … Read More

At least listen

At least listen. Sometimes that’s all you can do, besides send up the prayer of faith and offer a vision of hope.