Religious institutions, such as para-church ministries and universities, love other institutions, and that is probably why they are loathe to criticize them or separate themselves from them when others abandon their principles and founding mission. So it is that heresies and doctrinal departures leapfrog from one to another and serve as infection points for the Lord’s church.

From S.C. Weber: Father, may we be people who are quick to notice the ways in which we can be of special blessing to others. It seems quite easy when it comes to those whom we befriend. We often recognize their need before they express it and find genuine fulfillment in being Your hand extended to them. But You challenge us to go even further in making ourselves available to our enemies with whom it is not natural to provide for their needs. In expressing agapé to those around us we love in spite of what we see or have experienced. May all that we do on behalf of others be an expression of Your heavenly touch extended through Christian human service. It is in Your strength and compassion that we can do that which is unnatural to our human flesh, but natural to our redeemed spirit. Amen.

O Soul, God will hold you together. He gathers up the loose threads and stray pieces of your life. He unifies all of your existence. From your experiences he weaves a beautiful tapestry. The world tears at you to rip you apart, but God will do more and greater things in you. He is building you into a tower of integrity. Be patient and place your life in his hands, so that he may have his way with you and form you into the image of Christ.

Learn something new, O Soul. Never cease studying. Do not rely on yesterday’s knowledge, as solid as it may be. Ask new questions. Build on what you already know. Do not let entertainment sidetrack your mind. Grow in knowledge and wisdom. Advance in the grace of living. Learn better how to serve others and share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Adapt to new situations and stages of life. Give up this quest only when you take your last breath.

Your idea of serving or helping may not actually help someone. Make sure, O Soul, that the object of your help feels that he is being helped. What is helpful to one may be an irritation or distraction to another. Sometimes you may have to ask or discover. Be a student of those around you, so that you may help in helpful ways.

Imagination can be good or bad, depending on the use it’s put to.

God keep me from complaining. It’s downright ugly. And help me avoid complainers.

They say old age is better than the alternative. Is there a third option?

It seems like a basic need, but somehow you’re getting along without it.

Having options is good. Until it’s not.

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O Soul, the world lies before you. All is yours, because you are God’s. Life and death. The present and future. Power and glory. Word and action. Doing and accomplishment. The meek inherit the earth. The humble harness the glorious gifts of God. To his people belong eternal life. You are one, but you are not alone. You are small, but not helpless. The Word in your heart and prayer on your lips make you an effective servant full of hope.

The key to God’s riches, under every covenant he makes with man, is the fear of him. Ed M. reminds us today in his devotional based on Isaiah 33.6.

Respect for God. The best treasure of a nation is her reverence for God, Exodus 20:20; Psalms 34:4-22. People who submit to the Lord have the key to riches— riches beyond purple mountains, ripened grain, and fruited plains, Isaiah 33:15,16.

Focus question: How does my fear of God express itself? What parts of my prayers, my speech, and my actions show it?