Each of us will become what we were meant to be, what we were originally created to be, when our faith taps into the power of God. Do we not therefore want to know how to do this? Is our searching and every effort not thrown into discovering and implementing this? Or has our attention been diverted to superficial changes and short-term solutions?

In today’s devotional, Ed Mathews uses Amos 8.12 as the basis for his devotional.

Much is discovered when we search the word of God. Therein we discover what can be found nowhere else: a thorough equipping “for every good work,” II Timothy 3:16,17. The vitality of our soul depends on faithfully reading the Bible. To neglect it will inevitably result in spiritual starvation. Those who ignore His word and despise His instruction will finally quit hearing from Him, Acts 13:46. His word is given in grace. It is taken away in disgrace, Proverbs 1:24-28.

In God’s word is spiritual life and power to please him and serve others.

What passages did you read yesterday in the Bible? What is your plan for today? Tomorrow? For the next week?

Ed Mathews wrote on 2 Cor 1.4 today:

There are, then, sufferings caused by walking in darkness. And there are sufferings caused by walking in the light. The latter is the subject of this text. God “comforts us in all our troubles” that originate from following Him. What does this mean? How does His grace give us “encouragement” and “hope” in our trials? II Thessalonians 2:16,17.

God is comfort and joy and peace.

Esta é uma boa pergunta? Quem a fez no Novo Testamento não recebeu a vida eterna. Como podemos fazer a pergunta certa e encontrar a boa resposta? Mais ainda, como poderemos garantir o recebimento da vida eterna?

Veremos essas questões hoje às 20h. Venha!

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J. Randal Matheny


“Nós amamos porque ele nos amou primeiro” 1 João 4.19.

While you are enjoying God’s good blessings, take seriously your purpose here on earth. Renew it every morning. Review it in the evenings. Cite it out loud as often as possible. Rehearse it in your heart. Do not lose sight of why God put you here. Formulate it in your own words or, even better, in a phrase or verse from Scripture. Find different ways to express it as well. And find people to say it to. Let everyone know. Make it your goal to share it. This is the Lord’s will for you. Your purpose, O Soul? In a word, to glorify God in all you do and to make him known, so that others might glorify him as well.