Responsibilities of guides

Spiritual guides have a few but essential responsibilities:

  1. Preserve sound doctrine,
  2. Equip the saints for service,
  3. Mobilize God’s church to fulfill its mission.

In this way God will be glorified.

Someone said their job was to mature the members. This falls far short of the goal. Maturation means looking outside of self. Maturity means doing God’s will as far as others are concerned and to do what God desires: the salvation of all people.

He will quiet us

Part of a devotional thought on Zeph 3.17:

Further, it means that He will quiet us with His love. We are excitable creatures. All the cares and concerns of life can upset us. We are prone to fear and worry. Our faith tends to dissipate under pressure and we may emphatically express our fears and worries frantically. God, however, quiets us. He quiets us with His loving presence. Although our problems may remain for a while, His loving presence comforts us and quiets us down.

God will take care of you

It has been proven to me that God will take care of His children. He will take care of us in the best way and to an extent we haven’t imagined. Instead of having a family that is afraid to subject itself completely to the Father’s guidance and commands, He plans for sons and daughters who can say in each and every situation, “If God is for me, who can be against me? Everything will be for my good, whether it is pleasant or unpleasant now.”

Crossing a street may be dangerous. Crossing a street to speak the gospel to someone is relatively easy to contemplate. Crossing a state, a nation, an ocean offer no more security risks than crossing a street, to God, for whom all things are possible, for whom nothing is too difficult. Risks are obviously greater in some situations than in others, but they are no match for the Almighty. One is at risk in his own house, town, and country. How many times does the prayer come to the evangelist’s mind, “Father, you know I’m here for the gospel’s sake, not for my own enjoyment or profit. May Your will be done.” And it is done! You can make your plans with confidence.

You see, we are God’s because we are entirely the products of His creation. We are His. We did wrong and separated ourselves from Him. He bought us back. Can’t we say we’re doubly His? He promises to take care of us. He doesn’t lie. You can be sure He will take care of you as you serve Him.

—Jerry Hill, Guatemala: Joy and Crown