Just spent an hour and a half

Just spent an hour and a half with Pedro, before he went in to work, on some subjects he has heard religious people insist on. Very positive and profitable time.

Just Deserts

The correct spelling is “deserts”, and the word is an English word rarely used any more. It means something that a person deserves, not something sweet. http://mailchi.mp/gracemine/weekly-messages-from-the-light-of-gods-word-8sq5a7gyrm?e=720dd43936

Quatrains popping

Quatrains are still popping out of the toaster. I also went back to find some I’d written in the past. All total, I’ve collected 59 of them in a file. Can you say book?

The Apostle’s List

The apostle’s list is long of the Spirit’s fruit, With love and peace and joy its strongest suit, But all from a single cloth; under his control He brings a transformation of the soul.

Out of 10 adults

Out of 10 adults present tonight for our reading, 7 were not a part of the body of Christ. Two will be added on Friday. Glad to have the opportunity to present the gospel to so many.

Something I ate yesterday

Something I ate yesterday, or the sum of somethings, didn’t agree with my stomach. No big issues, yet, but a general uneasiness and rumbly tummy. Somewhat better this morning, but we’ll see how the day goes.