Missus traveled to São Paulo by bus Friday, where Valeria picked her up and they went by car to Santa Rita do Passa Quatro, about a 6 hr drive. Some 70-75 women attended that congregation's annual event. Vicki, Valeria, and Cibele, from Ribeirão Preto, spoke. Theme: humility. Vicki got back to the SJCampos bus station shortly before 7 pm Sun., so she was present for our Urbanova meet.


The idea is not to have any posts, with titles, and text with a sustained arguments or line of thinking. Microblog. Flashes of thought (I’ll not be so bold as to say insight.) No fancy formatting. Just quick items, Twitter-like, which I’ve missed. My own little spot, too, where I’m not worried about impressions made upon those on the outside. So here we are. Now back to normal crackling.

7P: Until

  • The Known software is still working after getting through the night. Maybe I did get it installed properly.
  • Was a busy weekend and first day, even with the Missus traveling. Or maybe because of her traveling.
  • Item one was a meet about the magazine, Sat. afternoon. Good one.
  • Item two was a special fish dinner at Douglas and Ludmila's Sat. night, with Jonathan and Suellen present. Also very good.
  • Item three was meeting Pedro at the Esplanada congregation Sun. morning, because some schedule issues would keep them from coming to Urbanova at night. Always good to be with brethren.
  • Item four was our weekly meeting Sun. night at Urbanova. I was pleased with my message, “Christ Offers You Power,” based on 2 Pet 1.1-11.
  • Seventh: Man counts the days since, saints count the days until.

This devotional by Don R. gave a cause for reflection: While we know the Final Judgment has yet to be, it is also true that judgment began during the ministry of Christ, “Now is the judgment of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out” (John 12.31). The ministry of Jesus, and the covenant He brought, finished up the revelation of God. The future Judgment will be based on the completed word of God. This also began the casting out of Satan, for the word of Christ binds the devil.