Product of culture

Commentator says the inspired apostle Paul was a “product of his culture” because of what he wrote about wives’ submission to their husbands in Eph 5. Enlightened, aren’t we? Mom got a back deck on her new house, now getting a front deck, thanks to my sister and brother-in-law. Looking good. Quote: “One cannot understand … Read More

New Testament writer naive?

Leave it to a theologian to call a New Testament writer naive. Yup, he did. And you thought theology was a good thing. It sits in judgment on the Sacred Text. So why do New Testament authors mention baptism to those who have already been baptized? Paul in Romans 6 is rather obvious. But in … Read More

Not my fault

The Wife missed her daily devotional for women on Monday for the first time in 5 months. Quite a good run. The day she missed writing was my birthday. But it wasn’t my fault. Promise! This week hasn’t been terribly productive or organized. Am I in mid-life crisis? Uh oh, midlife sped by me a … Read More

Good food not always a comfort

Good food is a comfort. Except when getting on the scales. The number 4 appears to be “the natural limit of all sorts of cognitive processes, from working memory to object-tracking to rapid enumeration.” Four is the number of humanity in Revelation. Nice visit today from a sister in Christ and her two small children. … Read More

A touching scene

Pedro baptized his mother this morning in a touching scene. And in chilling water. Thomas Olbricht passed away last Friday. I took his courses on OT and NT religious teachings, today called “theology.” They were good. Today I finished Stan Mitchell’s book, The wise get wiser, the foolish more foolish (Choate 2002). A fine work … Read More


Why do our people not offer more prayers online? One possibility: It risks exposing our vulnerability. Maybe? Got several options for work seating: office desk, library couch, lounge chair in office, living-room sofa, bench under pergola. Some more comfortable than others. Other day a big box (from old office) got emptied. Am ready for the … Read More

Back and forth

Back and forth between Bullet Journal (with a bad-quality paper journal) and online. Tendonitis says pen and paper. All else says digital. Feels strange, but good, to be down to one online class live each week. More time for writing. Cold snap has us in heavy clothing. I taught in a sweater tonight. The recording … Read More

Two trips to the hospital today

Reading Lance Mosher’s new book, Searching for Brandon Bason, liking it a lot. Holds my interest well. Two trips to the hospital today for a friend. I waited out in the car, as he shuffled family members back and forth. Nothing COVID-related, for those who are curious. Over halfway through 1 Peter in our weekly … Read More