Good but old nobody wants

Back issues of our old magazine has tons of good stuff. But nobody wants to read old stuff. A word of yours today, whatever form it takes, may save someone tomorrow. If they don’t hear it from you, it’s likely they won’t hear it at all. A good brother identified himself as a gospel preacher … Read More

Truth often challenged

Truth is often challenged, never defeated, sometimes obscured from proper view by enemies and disciples who deny the Master. Talk about rapture and earthly millennium quickly devolves into “I think,” “I believe,” and “I don’t see any problem.” Shouldn’t that tell us something? Sofa from the library looks great in the living room. Colors work … Read More

A translation rule

I’m not a professional translator, although I’ve done some of it, even for pay. It’s a challenging task. One of my translating rules: Prefer translation over transliteration, in order to reveal the meaning. For example, there’s no reason in the world to translate the NT Greek word as presbyters instead of elders. None whatsoever. In … Read More

Imprecise meteorology

Wife was up at 2 am, without waking me, to drag baseboards and flooring into the living room, after it started raining and broken tiles (from work on the roof) let water run in to the garage. I’d read it was supposed to be hot and dry until Sunday. Then Friday. The front came early. … Read More

Say no

Warren Buffett said, “The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.” I’m learning. It’s not that I’m trying to be a billionaire, but to do a good work in the Kingdom. A few principles apply from one area to the next, but I’m usually … Read More

Can unravel quickly

Cloth, church, and society can unravel quickly. They deserve the utmost care; the church, especially, since it deals with eternity. If Satan can thwart an apostle, 1 Thessalonians 2.18, he can do similar things to God’s children today. He uses unrighteous people to do it, remember. In recent weeks have upped my intake of water. … Read More

The letter that never got sent

Going through papers, I found a thank-you letter that never got sent. Maybe pure negligence on my part. Maybe the date gives a clue: 10 Sept 2001. What keeps a person from leaving social media altogether? Some do. I’m tempted. Across the board, our congregations could improve their internet presence considerably. Weylan Deaver, of Denton … Read More

Article lost but found

It was lost but now is found: Stan Mitchell’s article on wrath for our Brazilian dictionary of biblical vocabulary. All the more precious now he’s gone. One day a denominational devotional is really good; the next day, really bad, as it waffles, subjectivizes, calvinizes, theologizes. On such days it causes no little consternation. One book … Read More