7P: In my own hand

  1. Wrote a letter in my own hand today for the first time in years. It hurt my fingers, this lefty with his digits wrapped around the slender fountain pen.

  2. Seek the face of the Lord. There is little else worth doing.

  3. A kind word takes little time, but can last for years.

  4. BBC says mindfulness may be overhyped. Y.T. says thoughtfulness has been underreported.

  5. In regions of yesteryear, where cemeteries are full of relatives and friends.

  6. A verse of mine: To each his own, to another is kindly gift / That both the giver and blessed receiver can lift.

  7. A Bible verse: “I praise you constantly and speak of your splendor all day long” Psalm 71.8 NET.


    What say you?